In my last post, I mentioned that most Jehovah’s Witnesses won’t even hear about the negative publicity surrounding their leadership’s stance on child abuse within the organization simply due to the fact that they’ve been trained to tune out any negativity.  And those that do?  They will pass it off as lies, incorrect media reporting, or proof that they are being persecuted and that their deliverance is near.  Please take a look at the screenshots below.


The above screenshot was taken from a facebook group I belong to.  There are thousands of former JWs that are a part of this group and most of us are still connected to the organization in some form (usually it is due to family ties).  The purpose of this person’s post was to show that all you need to do is join a chatroom that has a JW in it (it should be noted that JW leadership highly discourages this practice as a JW can easily be exposed to all the things that have been hidden from them over the years.  In fact, I know several ex JWs today who are ex JWs because of what they learned about their own organization by going into chat rooms and trying to preach to others) to see that instead of being mortified and concerned about their organization’s child abuse policy, they are burying their collective heads in the sand.  My response to the intial post is as true as it gets.  To a fully indoctrinated Jehovah’s Witness, when things are going well, leadership will say, “See?  We are growing!  Our preaching work is expanding!  Jehovah is speeding up our work in this time of the end.  The end is close!”.  When things aren’t going well, leadership will say, “See?  The media is lying about us.  Wickedness is at an all time high.  Our work is contracting!  This means the devil is making his final push.  Stay strong.  The end is close!”  It doesn’t matter.  Whatever media is dealt to them will be turned into propaganda they can feed their mind controlled population.  You simply cannot reason with delusion. 



Here is a sample I took off the internet in a chat room. A Jehovah’s Witness “pioneer” (one who devotes at least 70 hours per month to the preaching work) decided to preach online. The best part of this conversation wasn’t even the part I circled. Noticed how she started it out. “Ask me anything, and I’ll answer to the best of my ability. Please do not ask me anything with the intent of arguing or debating. Thank you.” What is sad is that this poor woman doesn’t even understand what she wrote. She basically said, “I am here to proselytize. You need to listen. You can ask me some questions, but not questions that I can’t answer. And none that make my organization look bad too. I am only here to try to recruit those that will accept a brainwashing wthout doing any due diligence. Thank you”.

After that she almost immediately begins talking about the big bad media and how they paint Jehovah’s Witnesses unfairly. Only, she is prohibited from leadership from truly delving into those media sources to begin with. She is taught that if the story sounds like it might be negative, she needs to quit listening immediately as it is being directed by Satan to damage her faith. Therefore the only negative press she hears is from her leadership telling her “yeah….that story last week was nothing more than a bunch of lies”. And just like that, she is kept from investigating the real truth, and simultaneously, her faith in the organization is bolstered because she believes in her heart that they just protected her from the devil.


The circled part above is what is so sad.  This fully devoted JW truly believes that JW leadership handles pedophile situations in the bast way possible……because they TELL her that.  Remember the letter to the bodies of elders that I just posted about a day or two ago?  That letter is meant for congregation elders ONLY.  And its intent was to make sure that proper protocol is always handled so the interests of the organization are always protected FIRST.  In that letter, it specifically stated that a “brother” who has commited abuse in the past might again qualify for “appointment” in the future.  But, sadly, how would this poor woman know?  She isn’t a privileged elder and she isn’t allowed to view the leaked version of it online because the intent of publishing the letter on the internet is to warn people about the practices of this cult.  Viewing the letter online would, to her, be siding with Satan and his media.  Therefore she remains blissfully unaware of her own cult’s practices. 

She goes on to say “I will tell you something, they aren’t trying to hide it”.  Again, she is TOLD that they do everything in their power to protect children and cooperate with authorities, but there is no way for her to learn the truth.  She has no idea that if a man claims to be repentant of his crime of sexual abuse and ISN’T disfellowshipped for it, and the branch office decides that he DOESN’T qualify as a “predator” then no one will ever be told of his crime.  Parents cannot protect their kids from someone they don’t know is a child abuser and he is free to repeat the crime.  She simply has no way of knowing that it IS hidden. 

And while she is correct in that the family of the victim has the right to sue but what she doesn’t know is the amount of pressure that is put on those families NOT to.  If they remain loyal to the organization they are reminded that JWs should never sue one another because doing so “brings reproach upon God’s name”.  Yes, JWs are actually brainwashed into believing that suing another JW will somehow drag God through the mud.  Quote obviously, this is just another clever way for leadership to hush would be accusers.  They aren’t worried about “God’s name”.  They are worried about the reputation of their organization.  In fact, what she, and almost all current JWs are unaware of is that if a man were to molest a child, and no one was there to witness it, and he were to deny the accusation, if the family of that child were to go to the police and make it public, while warning others at the congregation…….that family could be disfellowshipped for slandering the man that molested their child!  Remember, the man denied that anything happened and there weren’t two witnesses to the crime, therefore from a congregational standpoint, he is clean and spotless!  The family of the abused child are the ones that have committed a crime by “slandering” the accuser! 

She ends by saying that they aren’t perfect and that everybody makes bad choices.  But again, what she is blissfully unaware of is the fact that it is the rules, regulations and enforced protocol of JW leadership that contributes to the ability for molesters to strike repeatedly within their organization! 



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