Selma recalls a lesson she learned from the Witness who studied with her. “On one particular day,” says Selma, “I didn’t want to have a Bible study. The night before, Steve had hit me as I had tried to prove a point, and I was feeling sad and sorry for myself. After I told the sister what had happened and how I felt, she asked me to read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. As I did, I began to reason, ‘Steve never does any of these loving things for me.’ But the sister made me think differently by asking, ‘How many of those acts of love do you show toward your husband?’ My answer was, ‘None, for he is so difficult to live with.’ The sister softly said, ‘Selma, who is trying to be a Christian here? You or Steve?’ Realizing that I needed to adjust my thinking, I prayed to Jehovah to help me be more loving toward Steve. Slowly, things started to change.”After 17 years, Steve accepted the truth. – Watchtower April 1, 2012 p29.


This is a downright scary article from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. There are SO MANY disgusting parts of it I do not even know where to begin. Keep in mind, this was a paragraph from an article in their Watchtower magazine that is used by the organization to teach the congregation.  This example was meant to be learned from. 

First and foremost, the Jehovah’s Witness wife, Selma, gets physically abused by her husband, Steve, as she tries to explain her beliefs to him. Then she says that she “felt sad and sorry” for herself. But, could it be that she wasn’t really feeling sorry for herself at all? Could it be that she was indeed sad, but fearful of her abusive husband……which would be a completely appropriate reaction to being hit by one’s spouse?  And does Selma’s friend show any concern for her at all?  No!  The only thing she does is tell Selma that she isn’t acting like a good Christian!  Did Selma admit that she does not practice the acts of love shown in 1 Cor 13:4-7 toward her abusive husband?  Yes, but is it any wonder? Why SHOULD a woman show acts of love and gratitude toward a man that she is fearful of because he abuses her? Finally, Selma says something that is just sickening. After having that discussion with her “friend”, she realizes that she needs to “adjust HER thinking”, to help her become more loving toward Steve. My jaw nearly hit the floor when I read that.

What is this story teaching my children?  What is it teaching YOUR children?  What is it teaching anybody?  That not only should a Jehovah’s Witness wife stay with her abusive husband……..but it is likely HER FAULT that he is abusive towards her! Remember, SHE needs to adjust HER thinking, not the other way around! And that in order to get the abuse to stop (and maybe eventually convince him that he too should become a JW)……she will need to go out of her way to be more “loving” toward him. This is sickening. Yet this is the mind control preparation that is planned for my daughters and any other child that is growing up in this cult. 



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  1. The scriptures in Acts depict occasions when Christians fled from violent persecution. There is nothing wrong with leaving a mate who may kill you.


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