The Truth about “The Truth”: Jehovah’s Witness Face Palm Moments

Daily life struggles with questions, emotions, and frustration, with  THE TRUTH about The so-called “Truth” of Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

Wanting to desperately understand the previous life he led as a JDub, while under their mind control, as well as prepare myself for the continued effect the indoctrination will have on my significant other’s children, who are still kind of sort of “in,” I began searching for support online. After many failed attempts finding anything written with the loved one of an Ex-JW in mind, I found myself looking at a bunch of facts and research that made little sense to me. It is my hope that this blog will be somewhat of an Understanding Jehovah’s Witness for Dummies and help other significant others, wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, and fiancés out there struggling to find answers, provide a safe place for them learn, as well as  help to build general awareness.

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There are now THREE sections to this site. 


These are typically triggered by things such as a FB post I saw on an Ex-JDub support group,  a situation or struggle that occurred in our daily lives or lives of a loved one,  or the moment I find myself teaching even simple tasks or motions that we (non JDubs) do on a daily or yearly basis, like filling Christmas stocking, making a toast, or wrapping birthday presents, all of which are completely foreign to them.

These questions, concerns, or emotional venting will also be followed by an explanation as to why these things happen. Clint, who has done years and years of research and been officially “out” since 2012, will attempt to explain, teach and help make sense of these moments. We both feel strongly about making these moments public in hopes they will help others.


In addition to taking the time to respond to questions about why Jehovah’s Witnesses believe the way they do, and why they behave the way they behave sometimes, we will also be taking periodic “Frequently Asked Questions” from their website ( and deconstructing them. If you have anything that you would like addressed please comment or email us at


Unfortunately, the deception of JW teachings is not just limited to the FAQ section of their website.  They also have a menu heading entitled “Bible Teachings”.  From there on the left side of the screen is a section called “Bible Questions Answered”.  It is from this section of their website that leadership likes to propagate their opinions, backed up by cherry picked scriptures from a bible that was translated by a secretive committee of theirs to match pre-existing beliefs.  We will be taking each topic and responding point by point to their answers



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  1. This looks like a great idea. I look forward to future content!

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  2. You’ve found a great niche for a blog exposing the JW organization. It takes a while to build a following. Hope you will keep at it until you do. Best wishes!

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  3. Your blog is so good. Everything you say is spot on and helps my family understand my past. Keep up the good work

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  4. Your article on “Disrespecting the Deceased” was linked in a FB post and after reading that, I read some more. I plan to visit here more often as I really like your perspective. Thanks for the work you are doing.

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  5. This former elder and his “pioneer” wife and daughter (out 5 yrs now after 25 yrs in) say thank you for this unique and spot on blog!

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  6. I have made friends with the JW that visit our neighborhood or I think I did or maybe they only want conversion. It seems that they don’t want to answer the questions that I truly have about JW. So have decided to look into it myself. This seems like a good place to do that, I at least want to understand what it is they are trying to share, because it means so much to them or at least I think it does. Thank you for your info this is the 2nd one I have read.


    • They will warn u that blogs like mine are disparaging and untruthful….without ever reviewing what I have to say. They are trained to so that. They are trained to believe that any and all info coming from sources that are ex jw or critical of their organization must be inaccurate or tainted. It is for control purposes.

      ..I encourage u to use your brain….examine and question EVERYTHING


  7. I notice you haven’t written anything in a year. Hope all is well.


  8. Love this web content, pls continue


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